We believe that our clients benefit from our sound technical knowledge and skills in both scientific and legal areas, our desire to understand the business needs of our clients, our efficient services and substantially reduced costs without compromising on quality.

The services which we offer to your company include:

  • Full range of IP activities
  • Strategic advice on IP issues; how best to protect, maintain and enforce your valuable IP assets
  • Searching and monitoring
  • Practical IP advice and assistance as required

 We provide the full range of Intellectual property services including providing consultation, strategic advice, assistance in further development of inventions leading to filing and prosecution of patent, trade mark and designs in Australia, New Zealand and globally.

We interact with a number of professionals including industrial design experts, scientists including engineers and chemists, and prototype designers to assist inventors in the process of developing an invention leading to the protection and securing of intellectual property rights including patents.

We are able to assist you to secure your IP, both in Australia and overseas, based on the wide range of professional IP services provided by Jogias.

Contact Jogias for more information on our full range of services and Schedule of Fees.

Free Trade Marks Search

Jogias understand that under tough economic conditions, start up companies may feel the financial constraints.

We also realise that the protection of your valuable assets such as IP, is important for your business.
With this in mind, for a limited time we are offering you free service for costs associated with the search of a new trade mark for registration in Australia.

By absorbing the cost of this service, Jogias are saving you up to $500. This means that the only cost that you pay are government or statutory fees for filing a trade mark, and our service fees for filing.

The government fees are listed in the IP Australia web-site www.ipaustralia.gov.au

Patent and Trade Marks Attorney

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Searching & Monitoring​
Jogias have state of the art searching facilities that enable us to:

  • Determine whether or not the client's invention is novel, or potentially infringing any competitor's patents
  • Assess the IP landscape and state of the art, including developments and trends in the technology
  • Determine, identify and monitor potential infringers.