Selecting the right name for your new business, company or internet domain name is an important aspect of your business strategy as your name distinguishes your goods and services from other traders in the market. It is important to understand the difference in the types of names you may use to identify your new business, the various options and value of each name to the identity, promotion and protection of your business.

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Business Names

​​A business name is a name under which a person, or other entity, trades.

Unless the business is conducted under your or your partner's first name and surname, you need to register your business in the state or territory you wish to operate. If you are planning to set up your business in more than one state, then you must register your business in each state separately.

Unlike trade marks, business names do not provide exclusive proprietary rights for use as a trading name.Jogias can arrange for the registration of business names in all States and Territories in Australia.

Company Names

A company name, or registrable body, must be registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

Unlike trade marks, company names do not provide exclusive proprietary rights for use as a trading name.

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Domain Names

A domain name is the unique name that corresponds to an Internet Protocol address. A computer uses the Internet Protocol to find an internet site based on the domain name.

A domain name may be registered as a trade mark provided it meets the requirements of the Trade Marks Act. Jogias can arrange for the registration and maintenance of domain names in Australia and globally.

Registering your business, company or domain name, does not automatically give you the right to use that name as a trade mark. A search on the trade mark database should be conducted before you apply for registration of any of the names to ensure that you are not using a trade mark registered by another competitor, otherwise you may be liable for infringing that mark.